PADI Courses

Τhe Way The World Learns To Dive

"All courses include PADI manual in digital form or a book, on-line certification"

Scuba Diver

2 days/2 dives

If you don't have three or four days to learn,then you can gain the Scuba diver qualification in just two days.You can dive everywhere in the world to 12 meters with experienced professional divemaster or instructor.You can extend it to the Open Water Diver Course qualification when you have time.

Price 300 €

Open Water Diver

4 days/4 dives

The Course can be conducted over a period of 3 to 4 days depending on the students time requirements and upon succesful completion of the course,you will receive full worldwide certification for Scuba diving to 18 meters with any other similarly qualified diver.

Price 430 €

Advanced O/W Diver

2 days/5 dives

Continue your diving education and fine tune your diving skills,introduces you to five new areas including underwater navigation and deeper diving to 30 meters.

Price 380 €

Rescue Diver

3 days/course

Learn how to prevent problems occuring and if they do,the best way to deal with them.An excellent course for the most independent divers.A recognized first-aid certificate is required for completion of the course.

Price 360 €

Emergency First Response

2 days

Course for divers and non divers.Primary care(CPR) and secondary care(First Aid).You learn how to use AED(Automatic External Defibrillator).

Price 185 €


Min 4 weeks or summer season internship diving training

Divemaster is the first professional level within PADI.You learn how to supervise students in training with an instructor and how to lead groups of certified divers.You starting point in worldwide diving employment opportunities as well.

Price 760 €

* Divemaster course not include PADI certification fee and manual/material.

PADI Specialities

-Peak performance bouyancy
1 day/2 open water dives
Price 180 €

-Night diver
3 nights/3 dives
Price 260 €

U/W Photography
1 day/1 open water dive & snorkeling program
Price 175 €

-Deep diver
2 days/4 dives till to 40 meters
Price 310 €

-FIsh identification
1 day/2 dives
Price 170 €